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Our process demonstration unit (PDU) in
Durham, NC, has completed fully-integrated trials converting biomass and municipal solid waste to biofuels and biochemicals. To date, we have logged over 9,000 hours of steam reforming and gas clean-up, with over 4,500 hours of biofuels production.

We installed our advanced steam reformer at Norampac’s Trenton, Ontario facility. It is the world’s first commercial low temperature black liquor gasification system. It has surpassed 26,000 hours of operation.

        HFTL Wax Fraction      MFTL Diesel Fraction

Snow-white paraffin wax and water-clear Fischer-Tropsch liquid, shown exactly as they are produced by the TRI facility, i.e. no additional upgrading

TRI successfully completed the upgrading of the Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) liquids it produced from 100% woody biomass.  The upgrading resulted in four separate finished products, specifically:


  1. 1.Synthesized Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) jet blend stock suitable for blending 50:50 with fossil jet fuel

  2. 2.F-76 Naval Distillate specification product in compliance with NATO diesel requirements

  3. 3.Diesel blend stock that could be blended on a 50:50 basis with fossil fuel diesel

  4. 4.ASTM D-975 diesel specification product suitable for cold weather operation as 100% finished product

The upgrading work showed that the biomass-derived F-T product from the pilot plant could successfully be upgraded to diesel and jet blend fuel, meeting both local and international specifications. This very important accomplishment supports the demonstration of TRI’s technology in providing renewable, strategically sourced fuels for the U.S. Department of Defense.

TRI has completed FEL-3 (appropriations-grade) engineering plans for Integrated Biorefineries at the 1,000 ton/day and at the 500 ton/day scale.

Upgrading Fischer-Tropsch Liquids to On-Spec Military and Jet Fuels

Durham Process Demonstration Unit

Norampac TRI Gasification System

        FT Jet Fuel      FT Diesel Fuel

During those engineering activities, the technical and commercial bases of those projects were fully developed, including the production of FT liquids (diesel fraction and waxes) and the production of ASTM-spec fuels (diesel and jet).